Marmont Rides the Emotional Wave to Victory

CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Jay Marmont raced back to top form taking an emphatic win at round three of the 2011 Monster Energy SuperX held at Campbelltown Stadium on Saturday Night.

Marmont, high on the emotion after the birth of son Jax during the week, all but dominated on the night by getting the fastest qualifying lap, a heat race win, the victory in the Man on Man and only dropping one race in the main event, triple challenge. His 2-1-1 result was a fine return and showed his dominance on the night.

Race one of the Triple Challenge saw Marmont claw his way through the field to take second place but it was leg two where the Wollongong local produced a typical Marmont performance that typified his place in Australian racing.

Starting just inside the top five, he methodically picked off riders in front of him until he reached the back tyre of race leader, Billy Mackenzie. Using a unique jump sequence in the combination section, Marmont leapt alongside the Kawasaki rider, slipped up the inside in the following turn and then rode off into the distance to take the win and set up his round victory.

Race three was wire to wire Marmont and the success of the night was capped off nicely as he has now closed to within two points of the championship leader with just two rounds remaining.

“It has been a pretty special week for me and the family. I felt pretty confident leading up to the event and I even tweeted how keen I was to race on Friday Night and that is something I never do, I just had that feeling.”

“It was nice to finally get some decent weather, a good crowd and a nice track to race on. The CDR Rockstar Team and I had worked hard in the lead up to this series and it was frustrating that the weather didn’t allow us to show our true potential, so It was good to have a round that offered proper racing and a good atmosphere,” Marmont states.

The night was only a lap or two away from being hugely successful for the CDR Rockstar Yamaha team with Jake Moss also running deep inside the top five in the opening two motos. He logged 3-3 finishes in the first two motos and was again in the top five in the final leg when he miscued a jump section and was sent flying into the dirt.

He hit the ground and lay motionless on the track as paramedics rushed to his aid. He was then transported to hospital where his injuries were listed as a broken ribs, a punctured lung and a mild concussion. It was devastating blow for Moss who was just getting back to full fitness after early season injuries.

It was a case of mixed emotions for team manager, Craig Dack. The taste of Marmont’s victory was bittersweet as Jake Moss was being rushed away to hospital.

“I knew once we had a dry track that provided good racing, we had the fastest riders and the bikes to win. And we were only two minutes away from proving that when Jake went down.”

“Jay again proved he is the best rider in Australia and out classed the opposition. He was the fastest qualifier, won the man on man, and then pulled off 2-1-1 to complete his night in a well deserved victory.”

“Jake was also showing his best form of the season but a small mistake late in the final race bought him undone. It was a nasty fall but thankfully his injuries don’t appear to be as bad as first expected.”

“So, now our sole focus is on Jay continuing his form from tonight for the final two rounds and trying to secure another championship. The points are close and as the first three rounds have shown, anything can happen,” Dack states.

For full results on the Super X Championship, or follow the CDR Rockstar Team on their facebook page,

The Super X tour now moves north to the Hunter Valley region where the Maitland Oval will be the host of round four of the 2011 SuperX championship.

PRO OPEN Results – Round 3

1st JAY MARMONT – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 25
2nd Lawson BOPPING – Raceline Pirelli Suzuki: 22
3rd Tye SIMMONDS - JDR Motorex KTM: 20
4th Dan MCCOY – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki: 18
5th Cody MACKIE – Team Axis 07 Motorsports: 16
6th Billy MACKENZIE – Monster Energy Kawasaki: 15
7th Craig ANDERSON – Berry Sweet Lucas Oil Honda Racing: 14
8th Jake MOSS – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 13
9th Chris BLOSE – Hart & Huntington / Insure My Ride: 12
10th Ryan MARMONT – JDR Motorex KTM: 11

PRO OPEN Championship – Standings after Round 3

1st Tye SIMMONDS - JDR Motorex KTM: 60
2nd Dan MCCOY – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki: 59
3rd Jay MARMONT – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 58
4th Billy MACKENZIE – Monster Energy Kawasaki: 49
5th Ryan MARMONT – JDR Motorex KTM: 41
6th Lawson BOPPING – Raceline Pirelli Suzuki: 40
7th Daniel REARDON – JDR Motorex KTM: 39
8th Todd WATERS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 38
9th Jake MOSS – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 35
10th Michael PHILLIPS - Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 29

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