New YZ450GP Makes Road Racing Affordable
Have you ever wanted to get into road racing but were put off by the high cost and technical barriers?

Now there are no excuses.

The YZ450GP uses the YZ450F MX bike as a platform and is easily affordable at just $16,625 inc GST.

The bike qualifies to race in the newly formed 450GP class that is rapidly becoming popular around the globe. This entry level class makes use of relatively inexpensive MX bikes that are available from nearly every manufacturer. These models are lightly modified to become genuine road racers that are capable of similar lap times as 125GP bikes at most circuits.

Yamaha Racing Developments (YRD) boss John Redding's goal is to attract newcomers to road racing by offering a fun and affordable entry level race bike. "The FX-450GP class is aimed at encouraging newcomers to the sport. With the help of Yamaha Motor Australia, the RRP of the YZ450GP machine is subsidised to help competitors enter this new and exciting race class. Plus if racers are serious about competing and have an existing YZ450F, we can supply kits for them to build themselves," adds Redding.

YRD is offering for sale a limited quantity of ready to ride 2013 YZ450GPs fitted with the road race kit as shown in the above photo. All the MX componentry removed from the new YZ450F 2013 donor bike is included.

Retrofitting the MX gear is possible at any time because the GP kit does not require any permanent modifications to install.

The race kit that transforms an MX bike into a road racer

The kit comprises:

* Marzocchi 43mm USD forks (fitted with fully adjustable MUPO racing cartridge kit and springs)
* Modified shock
* Triple clamps, handlebars, footrests, brake pedal and gear shifter
* Cast alloy 17in wheels
* Dunlop production racing tyres Front: 120/70ZR17 D211 GP-A Med-Soft Rear: 150/60ZR17 D209 KP 523 Med-Soft
* Full fibreglass road race bodywork kit (in white gelcoat €“ not painted) with mounting brackets
* Brembo front brake assembly
* Tacho/laptimer
* Rear stand pickups
* Each YZ450GP is supplied built up ready to ride with a selection of 14, 15 and 16 tooth front sprockets.

Cost including GST ex YRD in Melbourne is $16,625.00.

Please forward all enquiries to John Redding at YRD on or 0438 105303.

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