Everts Passes Into Legend With Namur Glory
From Yamaha Racing
Race Report - 06/08/2006
At a fitting, historic and emotional stage of his home Grand Prix and favourite circuit at Namur, World Champion Stefan Everts completed a successful title defence of his MX1 crown and gave the YZ450FM its third consecutive MX1 distinction this afternoon.

By dominating both motos at the Citadelle for the 12th round of 15 in the 2006 FIM series the 33 year old Belgian remains undefeated every year since the inception of the MX1 competition in 2004. His tenth World Championship in a eighteen year career, achieved through 125, 250, 500, MXGP and MX1 classes, was also the sixth title in succession with Yamaha in an unparalleled streak of results and glory since 2001. In that time Everts has broken the record for most Grand Prix victories and won three classes on the same day when the 2003 season saw 125, MXGP and 650 categories run with just one moto.

The '06 campaign has been momentous for the Rinaldi-led Yamaha Intur Sports Motocross team and the new aluminium framed YZ450FM. Everts has won 21 motos in a row and all twelve Grand Prix. He now has reached a total of 99.

After a bright and sunny day of practice Sunday dawned cloudy but also warm. The track, already rough and extremely technical after the wear of practice and qualification, was a severe test of concentration and stamina for the MX1 and MX2 competitors. On the brink of history Everts was cheered on by a willing 30,000 partisan crowd and the team had both of their riders flying formation for the first two laps of the opening moto as Cédric Melotte grabbed the holeshot and led Everts. The Champion soon took control and enacted a familiar scene of drawing away from his pursuers. The second race was a repeat with Everts owning the race by forging a blistering speed in the formative stages.

On a day when his son celebrated his second birthday there was also the novelty of another generation of the Everts clan rolling back the years as Stefan's father Harry took to the track in the first ever Veteran's World Cup and finished second overall onboard a YZ250F.

Cédric Melotte was competing at his home Grand Prix and the site of his first World Championship victory in 2003 (650 class). The local-born rider grabbed a sensational holeshot in the first moto and would go on to secure his best result of the season with two finishes of 4th and 5th for 4th overall. After treating a breathing problem during the week, Cédric set a decent pace within the top five and was able to produce two positive races for the third time this year.

With a lead of 168 points over Kevin Strijbos Everts cannot be caught in the three remaining Grand Prix due to take place in Ireland, Holland and France. He will have these opportunities to reach the magical 'ton' in terms of his career victory tally and a memorable send-off is planned for Ernee and his final race on September 17th. Melotte is currently holding eigth in the standings and six points from seventh.

The MX1 paddock will now disperse for two free weekends before the Grand Prix of Ireland at the Desert Martin circuit brings the fraternity back together for round 13 on August 26th/27th.

Stefan Everts, Yamaha Intur Sports Motocross Team:
"What a great day. I never dared dream of becoming World Champion here at Namur. It has always been a very special place with a special atmosphere. It is a unique track that is hard and demanding. Both races went pretty good. At one point there was a difficult moment for me in each moto because the terrain was so bumpy, slippery and so rough. I had to be really careful because this is one of the hardest circuits in the world and you can only really appreciate it if you get out there and try forty minutes. The motos worked out well though and I am so happy for my 99th victory and the Championship. I had such an exciting feeling going out on the track and unfortunately it is my last time here but I cannot think of a better way to go out. What else can I say?"
Cédric Melotte, Yamaha Intur Sports Motocross Team:

"I did not feel the pressure so much of racing at home this year. This is my best result so far and I could finish in the top five twice. I am happy because today was a tough track; very hard and physical. I made some tests with my lungs this week and found out that I have been suffering with an allergy and asthma. I took the right treatment and feel much better. In the first moto it was great to lead for two laps in front of my fans. I had the holeshot in my mind before the race so to take it was great and I just wanted to lead as long as I could. Stefan was pushing a little bit and passed me, I settled into a speed I could make and finished fourth. In the second moto I followed Strijbos for fifth and I was really happy for a good overall position."

Carlo Rinaldi, Racing Manager, Yamaha Intur Sports Motocross Team:
"It has been a fantastic day and a great conclusion to the season, even if it isn't over yet. It was a familiar GP for us. Good starts and controlling the motos; Stefan may have had some more pressure than usual but he did not show it. What is unbelievable is not that Stefan wins, but how he does it; victory is all he wants. Yamaha is doing a great job. The new bike gave an extra boost to Stefan and with his motivation in his final season it was the perfect tool for a perfect job."

Michele Rinaldi, Team Manager, Yamaha Intur Sports Motocross Team:
"There is not much I can say as you can imagine. I think Stefan managed something that not even he was expecting this season. He did a fantastic job and it even seemed to easy at times. We have had a great atmosphere in the team and he has won everything so far so his decision to finish his career with Yamaha was 100% correct. Our bike has never stopped this year and we have done a lot of work; the result of which can be seen on the track. We could not have imagined a season like this."

Laurens Klein Koerkamp, Racing Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. - Racing Division:
"This is amazing and I think it will take a long time before people really appreciate what has happened. Ten titles for Stefan is unbelievable and for us six titles in six years is also something incredible. Technically we have had almost no problems at all in that period and for that we must give a big thank you to all the guys in the team. Success is about the rider and the bike but it is also about the guys who prepare the bike. The team have won all those titles but still remain so motivated to win. Overall this is a super day for everyone connected with the team and Yamaha."

Race 1 - 16 Laps
Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time

1, Stefan Everts, Yamaha, BEL, 43'13.152
2, Joshua Coppins, Honda, NZL, 0'11.409
3, Steve Ramon, Suzuki, BEL, 0'14.665
4, Cedric Melotte, Yamaha, BEL, 0'16.980
5, Ken De Dycker, Honda, BEL, 0'19.086
6, Gordon Crockard, Honda, GBR, 0'34.115
7, Pascal Leuret, Honda, FRA, 0'54.119
8, Kevin Strijbos, Suzuki, BEL, 1'8.640
9, Javier Garcia Vico, Honda, ESP, 1'13.201
10, Wyatt Avis, KTM, RSA, 1'24.525
11, James Noble, Honda, GBR, 1'36.862
12, Danny Theybers, Suzuki, BEL, 1'46.520
13, Manuel Priem, Yamaha, BEL, 1'49.243
14, Clement Desalle , Suzuki, BEL, 1'52.460
15, Cyril Coulon, Suzuki, FRA, 1'54.428
16, Marko Kovalainen, Honda, FIN, 2'4.810
17, Antti Pyrhonen, TM, FIN, 2'7.248
18, Alex Salvini, Suzuki, ITA, 2'12.617
19, Marc Ristori, Honda, CHE, 2'14.930
20, Jaka Moze, Suzuki, SVN, 2'16.058

Race 2 - 16 Laps
Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time

1, Stefan Everts, Yamaha, BEL, 41'10.064
2, Joshua Coppins, Honda, NZL, 0'17.973
3, Steve Ramon, Suzuki, BEL, 0'28.484
4, Kevin Strijbos, Suzuki, BEL, 0'46.443
5, Cedric Melotte, Yamaha, BEL, 0'52.909
6, James Noble, Honda, GBR, 0'57.447
7, Pascal Leuret, Honda, FRA, 1'2.393
8, Manuel Priem, Yamaha, BEL, 1'14.458
9, Javier Garcia Vico, Honda, ESP, 1'23.714
10, Wyatt Avis, KTM, RSA, 1'27.292
11, Tanel Leok, Kawasaki, EST, 1'31.291
12, Danny Theybers, Suzuki, BEL, 1'39.857
13, Christian Beggi, Honda, ITA, 1'43.852
14, Bas Verhoeven, Kawasaki, NED, 2'4.429
15, Antti Pyrhonen, TM, FIN, 2'17.104
16, Gordon Crockard, Honda, GBR, 2'22.634
17, Scott Columb, Suzuki, NZL, -1 Laps
18, Lauris Freibergs, Suzuki, LVA, -1 Laps
19, Ken De Dycker, Honda, BEL, -1 Laps
20, Clement Desalle , Suzuki, BEL, -1 Laps

Best Lap
Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time

Cedric Melotte, Yamaha, BEL, 2'38.204

Rider Standings 06/08/2006

Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Points

1, Stefan Everts, Yamaha, BEL, 592
2, Kevin Strijbos, Suzuki, BEL, 424
3, Steve Ramon, Suzuki, BEL, 408
4, Ken De Dycker, Honda, BEL, 371
5, Tanel Leok, Kawasaki, EST, 365
6, Jonathan Barragan, KTM, ESP, 273
7, Pascal Leuret, Honda, FRA, 230
8, Cedric Melotte, Yamaha, BEL, 224
9, Manuel Priem, Yamaha, BEL, 210
10, Joshua Coppins, Honda, NZL, 202
11, Javier Garcia Vico, Honda, ESP, 196
12, James Noble, Honda, GBR, 186
13, Julien Bill, Yamaha, GBR, 167
14, Antti Pyrhonen, TM, FIN, 138
15, Gordon Crockard, Honda, GBR, 137
16, Brian Jorgensen, Honda, DNK, 131
17, Marvin Van Daele, Honda, BEL, 127
18, Wyatt Avis, KTM, RSA, 106
19, Danny Theybers, Suzuki, BEL, 102
20, Sebastien Tortelli, KTM, FRA, 99

Manufacturer Standings 06/08/2006

Pos., Manufacturer, Points

1, Yamaha, 592
2, Suzuki, 489
3, Honda, 447
4, Kawasaki, 369
5, KTM, 351
6, TM, 138

RACE REPORT - 06/08/2006

First 2006 Double Moto Succes For Cairoli

The MX2 Grand Prix of Belgium took place at a bustling and vibrant Namur circuit today and World Champion Antonio Cairoli gave Yamaha a perfect afternoon with his first double moto success of the season and his second overall victory of the campaign.

The De Carli racing representative - competing at the site of his maiden victory in 2004 - beat David Philippaerts in the first sprint after his Italian rival ran wide while leading and collected green fencing in his rear wheel. Cairoli was waiting in his tracks for a passing opportunity and moved through for his eighth moto triumph this term.

In the second event he started brightly and resisted attention from Carl Nunn and then Christophe Pourcel for win number two in convincing fashion.

Yamaha Team Ricci's Kenneth Gundersen experienced a Grand Prix in stark contrast to his Yamaha compatriot. The Norwegian got out of the gate poorly in both motos and hit the ground during each race. He only picked up three points for 18th in the opening foray.

Team-mate Davide Guarneri had been feeling unwell in the build-up to the Grand Prix and retired in the first moto with a headache. He then crashed in Moto2 and again was forced to retire.

Bike it Yamaha Dixon Racing rider Billy Mackenzie took a decent jump from the gate in Moto1 and finished 7th but a fall on a frantic set of opening corners on the Esplanade later in the day relegated him to the back of the pack.

The third member of the Yamaha Team Ricci Alessio Chiodi was ruled out of contention on Saturday afternoon when a rock struck his right hand and broke one of his fingers. The Italian was in too much pain to take part in the rest of the Grand Prix. His withdrawal means the sixth non-score after a very promising opening to the season was wrecked by a knee injury at Sugo in May.

Cairoli is second in the World Championship standings, 26 points behind Pourcel, with three Grand Prix and 150 points remaining on the 2006 schedule. Mackenzie is also part of the top ten and lies 7th.

Antonio Cairoli - Team Yamaha De Carli:
"We have a good setting on the 250 with De Carli for this track and I like it a lot since taking the win here in 2004. It felt great to win both heats and make a double here. I rode better than I did last year and could change my lines very easily with the suspension set-up we had, so the track was not so hard for me this time. I have been struggling with my physical condition this year but things are getting better now. I am not thinking of the championship I just want to ride well and win more heats. Christophe is very young but he is controlling the class well; he does not make big mistakes and is finishing every race."

Kenneth Gundersen - Yamaha Team Ricci:
"In the first moto I made a bad start but I was still in the top ten when I lost the front end into a corner and on the top of a step-down. I completed the rest of the race to get some training done. In the second moto I was last off the start and crashed after 15 or 20 minutes. I did not have much confidence and decided to stop. Normally this track is perfect for me and yesterday it was really good but things did not work out in the races."

Race 1 - 16 Laps
Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time
1, Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha, ITA, 43'9.307
2, David Philippaerts, KTM, ITA, 0'2.531
3, Christophe Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 0'29.378
4, Sébastien Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 0'36.668
5, Marc De Reuver, KTM, NED, 0'37.729
6, Maximilian Nagl, KTM, GER, 0'38.835
7, Billy MacKenzie, Yamaha, GBR, 1'4.262
8, Rui Goncalves, KTM, POR, 1'4.687
9, Manuel Monni, KTM, ITA, 1'16.247
10, Matti Seistola, Honda, FIN, 1'18.581
11, Carl Nunn, KTM, GBR, 1'30.575
12, Patrick Caps, Honda, BEL, 1'35.528
13, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Honda, FRA, 1'46.824
14, Aigar Leok, Yamaha, EST, 1'59.253
15, Shaun Simpson, Honda, GBR, 1'59.537
16, Anthony Boissière, Yamaha, FRA, 2'7.078
17, Tyla Rattray, KTM, RSA, 2'10.294
18, Kenneth Gundersen, Yamaha, SWE, 2'15.929
19, Jeremy Tarroux, Kawasaki, FRA, 2'16.646
20, Xavier Boog, Yamaha, FRA, 2'19.960

Race 2 - 16 Laps
Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time

1, Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha, ITA, 41'55.640
2, Christophe Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 0'4.597
3, Carl Nunn, KTM, GBR, 0'6.644
4, Tyla Rattray, KTM, RSA, 0'18.363
5, Sébastien Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 0'29.627
6, Gareth Swanepoel, Kawasaki, RSA, 0'39.360
7, Rui Goncalves, KTM, POR, 0'40.970
8, Aigar Leok, Yamaha, EST, 0'44.443
9, Manuel Monni, KTM, ITA, 0'45.639
10, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Honda, FRA, 0'49.984
11, Carlos Campano, KTM, ESP, 0'55.966
12, Matti Seistola, Honda, FIN, 1'16.716
13, Marc De Reuver, KTM, NED, 1'22.385
14, Matteo Bonini, Yamaha, ITA, 1'26.360
15, Anthony Boissière, Yamaha, FRA, 1'27.561
16, Dennis Verbruggen, Yamaha, NED, 1'52.850
17, Billy MacKenzie, Yamaha, GBR, 1'59.849
18, Xavier Boog, Yamaha, FRA, 2'9.095
19, Matthias Walkner, KTM, AUT, 2'30.325
20, Jonas Wing, KTM, SWE, -1 Laps

Best Lap

Rider, Manu., Nat., Total Time

Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha, ITA, 2'38.198

Rider Standings 06/08/2006
Pos., Rider, Manu., Nat., Points
1, Christophe Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 458
2, Antonio Cairoli, Yamaha, ITA, 432
3, David Philippaerts, KTM, ITA, 393
4, Tyla Rattray, KTM, RSA, 352
5, Marc De Reuver, KTM, NED, 338
6, Carl Nunn, KTM, GBR, 307
7, Billy MacKenzie, Yamaha, GBR, 264
8, Sébastien Pourcel, Kawasaki, FRA, 259
9, Tommy Searle, Kawasaki, GBR, 254
10, Gareth Swanepoel, Kawasaki, RSA, 251
11, Rui Goncalves, KTM, POR, 236
12, Alessio Chiodi, Yamaha, ITA, 211
13, Kenneth Gundersen, Yamaha, SWE, 200
14, Manuel Monni, KTM, ITA, 167
15, Davide Guarneri, Yamaha, ITA, 153
16, Matti Seistola, Honda, FIN, 105
17, Anthony Boissière, Yamaha, FRA, 98
18, Aigar Leok, Yamaha, EST, 97
19, Luigi Seguy, Yamaha, FRA, 94
20, Pierre-Alexandre Renet, Honda, FRA, 80
37, Matteo Bonini, Yamaha, ITA, 7

Manufacturer Standings 06/08/2006

Pos., Manufacturer, Points

1, KTM, 546
2, Yamaha, 526
3, Kawasaki, 483
4, Honda, 195
5, Suzuki, 22

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