Double Win For Shell Honda At Vic Titles
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Honda junior Josh Cachia is a young man with big goals who has had a triumphant return to racing.

After a disastrous Supercross series that ended with a visit to the hospital in both Traralgon and Melbourne, Josh Cachia was left with one thought – “what do I do now?”

He had a severe laceration to the chin which required 28 stitches as well as plastic surgery, a badly bruised back with a green stick fracture to the C7 and ribs one and two.

According to Team Manager, Yarrive Konsky, many riders would have let such an injury destroy their confidence.

“Josh revisited his goals, set new ones and better yet, he regrouped and pushed harder than ever to come back stronger than before,” Konsky said.

Josh explained the turn around. “Yarrive spoke to mum, dad and I, and laid down the truth. After 45 minutes of a much deserved lecture, I had a two hour drive home to think about everything! From that day forward I have done a lot more with my time and made each training session count,” he said.

After an eight week layoff, Cachia’s parents hired trainer Josh Hunt.

“Each day Josh and I set goals, and that’s with both my on and off bike training,” Cachia explained. “Without them I don’t really have anything to achieve, so having goals has definitely helped.”

On the weekend it all proved worth while as Josh competed in the Victorian Titles and won against Australian Supercross Champion and fellow Honda rider, Ross Beaton, and current Australian Rookies leader Hamish Dobbin (equal first with Tye Simmonds) in the 250cc A-grade class.

He also demolished the field in the 85cc 2-strokes and up to 150cc 4-stroke class.

“I felt great but I know where I can go faster and I will be practicing harder on those areas before the next round of the rookies.”

“Dobbin and Beaton were faster than me in some areas and I have only been back training for four weeks so, with better preparation, I can only hope for better results.”

Josh won all three races on his 150cc and was consistent on the 250cc. He won moto one and finished second and third respectively in the following two motos giving him first overall in both classes.

“One thing is for sure. I need to practice my starts and be faster everywhere. The Honda 250 has a lot of power and whether I was wheel spinning or wheel standing I couldn’t manage to tame it, so I will need to work on that and a few other areas before my next race.”

An elated Konsky said, “I am extremely proud of Josh and equally of his parents for the hard work they have put in. Josh Hunt is doing a great job with his fitness. I believe Josh will be a threat to win a national title this year and in years to come.”

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