McWilliams Joins Kenny Roberts Proton KR team
McWilliams Joins Kenny Roberts Proton KR team
Jeremy McWilliams is back in the premier class of World Championship Motorcycle Racing, the MotoGP World Championship, riding for the Kenny Roberts Proton KR team. We are told the 37-year-old Ulsterman will sign in the next couple of days when he returns from a family holiday.

The Proton KR team, which is based just round the corner from the World Championship-winning Subaru World Rally team in Banbury, was formed by three-times World Champion Kenny Roberts when he retired from racing in 1986. They dominated the World 500cc Championship from 1990 to 1993 with Yamaha machinery.

In 1997 they took the brave step of building their own three cylinder two-stroke machine and McWilliams will ride the 2002 version of the compact and lightweight bike in the 16 round MotoGP Championship.

The Proton KR team will run two machines in the Championship and will announce their second rider next week.

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