Yamaha Supercross Open Final Postponed Due To Rain
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The final round of the Yamaha Supercross Open in Bendigo last Saturday night (22nd of November) was unfortunately postponed after the riders practice, due to the unexpected downpour and persistent rain.

With the technical and tricky Dave Wilson prepared track turning into a slippery, muddy mess, there was no other option but to postpone the event until the following Saturday night- November the 29th.

While the track was still dry during practice, the riders showed the assembled crowd just how spectacular the racing was going to be, with the huge jumps, bone jarring whoops and mind twisting rhythm sections.

With 8 corners, a high speed straight, 2 triple jumps, several doubles, several step on step off jumps and an assortment of other obstacles that defy description, it will be a spectacular sight to see Australia's best racing wheel to wheel over this man made torture track on the 29th.

Also on track on November the 29th will be a huge field of 50's and the awesome freestyle shows. With the extra grandstand seating in place at the Bendigo Showgrounds venue and the close in nature of this years layout, no one will miss a thing! As an added attraction, Bendigo Yamaha will have a HUGE display of 2004 Yamaha bikes and Elliott Bros will have the all new CRF250 on display.

Ticket information
General admission-
Adult $20
Kids under 16 $15
Family $55 (2 Adults, 2 Kids)
Grandstand seating
Adult $30
Kids under 16 $20
Family $85 (2 Adults, 2 Kids)
Tickets at the gate.

Gates open at 5pm on November the 29th- racing starts 7pm.

The series so far...

Pro Open
1st Troy Dorron 57
2nd Jay Marmont 37
3rd Lee Hogan 32
Pro Lites
1st Brent Landman 49
2nd Cameron Sinclair 42
3rd Jye Harvey 40

Jnr 125
1st Wade Thompson 40
2nd Gianni Dalle- Molle 34
3rd Jake Daniele 32
Jnr 85
1st Jake Moss 60
2nd Kade Mosig 51
3rd Brenton Keep 45

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