2017 QRFX – Saturday & Sunday - Queensland Raceway
Rnd 1 … 25 – 26 March
Rnd 2 … 24 – 25 June
Rnd 3 … 19 - 20 August 
Rnd 4 … 21 – 22 October

25-26 March in conjunction with Rd1 QRFX
24-15 June in conjunction with Rd2 QRFX
19-20 August in conjunction with Rd3 QRFX

21-22 October in conjunction with Rd4 QRFX

** Other dates to be confirmed shortly

Race Your Mates Introductory Class of Road Racing.

If you are looking for a easy low pressure introduction into the world of motorcycle racing, or you are coming back after a long lay-off or back out of retirement, then Queensland Raceways has developed the perfect class to get you over the line!

The Race Your Mates series is open to everyone with a road registered or track based bike and is an easy and fun way to get into racing without the usual pressure and hassles that has been required previously.
Track experience is required, but if you do not have a competition licence, which the vast majority who do the Race Your Mates won’t then you can attend a Champions Ride Day at Queensland Raceways to be observed. Once a rider has been observed and shown they have good track sense then they will be able to apply for a Queensland Raceways “Racers” licence which will allow them to compete at any of “Race Your Mates” race days run in conjunction with the Queensland Raceways Open Sprint days or in the “Race Your Mates” class at QR-FX race meetings.

Competitor numbers are limited to a maximum grid of just 24 in the “Race Your Mates” class at each event. 

How does “Race Your Mates” work?

After setting a lap time in your timed session you are allocated a row in which you race in for the remainder of the day.
Next up there is a practise race start session, so riders who have never raced before know exactly what happens at a race start. Whilst you are out there sharing the track with other rows of bikes, the only riders you’re actually racing against are those who qualified in your row. The rows are double spread, meaning the grids are set on rows 1, 3, 5, 7 etc. This way its more spread out and there is not multiple rows of bikes all arriving at turn one at the same time. To recognise that each rider is only racing the other three riders in their row each row has its own winner and is awarded accordingly its own winners trophy.  
This format has worked very well in NSW and over the 4 years Race Your Mates has been going in NSW several hundred riders have come through from doing ride days to go on to experience the Race Your Mates concept and quite a number of them have then gone onto doing both the club level FXRRC series and the Australasian Superbike Championship.
What Race your Mates provides is a second step on the ladder for those wanting to experience something a little more challenging than the normal ride days, but at lower pressure than club racing where a newbie can end up racing against A graders in the same race.
Again as long as bikes are in good mechanical order then they can compete in a Race Your Mates day whether they are purpose built track bikes or modified road bikes that the owners ride on the road.
There is a little more to the Race Your Mates class of racing but that basically explains how it works.


If you would like to find out more about either the Race your Mates class or the QR-FX Race Series please contact Terry O’Neill on 0419 448 452 or by email at toneill@aus-superbikes.com.au



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