Register your Riding number for 2018

2018 Competitor Number Registration Form for Australian FX-Superbike Plus NSW & Qld State Based Championship Series.

Competitors planning to compete in the 2018 Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series (AFXC) and or the affiliated QLD and or NSW State Based Championship Series are invited to secure and register a 2018 season race number for the main class they compete in. Competitors can compete in one of the two State based series and or the AFXC on its own. A competitor cannot enter more than one of the State based championship series.

Please note it is NOT compulsory to register a race number all competitors whether registered or not are welcome to enter any Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series event and both RACERS and current MA National Competition Licences are accepted for our events.

To secure a registered number there is a registration fee for 2018 which is $35.00 Inc GST and provides the following benefits for competitors;
Click here for 2018 AFX Rider Number Registration Form

1. Registered Racing Numbers:
Once a number registration is accepted by ARTRP then that number becomes the riders own number in their nominated class and series for the 2018 race season.
Registered numbers will be forfeited if they are not used by the competitor who has registered it for example if unable to compete due to injury or mechanical failure.
Prior to registering rider numbers competitors need to read their class rules regarding eligibility of entering any of the series classes. Class rules are posted on our websites and in each websites Competitors section.

2. 2018 Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series T-Shirt
All riders with a class registered number will receive a 2018 Australian FX-Superbike Championship Series T-Shirt in your nominated size valued at $30.00 RRP.

2017 Class Champions & Reserved Number Information Plus Other Registration Information:
1-3 in each class are reserved and must be used by the competitors who finished in a top three series finishing position in the 2017 Swann Insurance Australasian Superbike Championship, if entering in the same class for 2018.
The top three numbers are at no cost as is the series t-shirt for the returning top three finishers in each outright class.

Competitors who finished in 4th to 10th position outright in their class in 2017 have first right of choice to use their series finishing order number if returning to compete in the same class and at no cost. If a rider who finished in 4-10 in a class wants to register a different number then they can do so at the $35 cost. The 4-10 numbers are reserved up until the 16th February, if a registration form is not received by ARTRP by that date securing the 4-10 position number then the 4-10 number will become available to be chosen by another competitor.

If a 2018 competitor who finished 4-10 in their class in 2017 and wants to receive series clothing benefits of the above package they can still register like everyone else to receive the other benefits for the same amount.

Riders who have a class registered rider number for 2017 will be given until close of business on Friday 16 February 2018 to apply and secure their rider number for the same class in 2018.

A listing of allocated series rider numbers will be posted on our websites and in the Competitors Support section and will be updated weekly from 16 February.

All enquiries please phone the race secretary Gloria Langsdale on 0408241401

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